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Vertical Traction Machines

  • Extremely compact vertical traction machine with integral motor & brake Perfect adaptability to all installation requirement.
  • Machine is suitable for the modernisation of old installations due to space saving feature & reduced load on building structure.
  • Traction Sheave with specially developed alloy casting with controlled hardness for increasing wear resistance.
  • Dynamically balanc,ed brake pulley.
  • Centrifugal cast bronze gear. Factory loaded & vibration tested.
  • Worm threads flanks are ground with fine grift wheel giving threads the mirrored finish desirable in worm gearing.
  • Worm & Gears are inspected in an air-conditioned inspection room on special gear checking machine to verify accuracy.
  • More Gear teeth are in contact with the worm at all times, transmithng power by a continuous, quiet & shock less action. Thus eliminating vibration, chatter, pulsation & other gear noises.
  • The geared traction machines operate with minirnurn attention even under the most adverse conditions.
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